• Locate Friends and Family

  • Get Location Alerts

  • Find Your Lost Phone

With Whereis Everyone you can easily find your friends and family on a detailed Whereis Map and share your location with them.

To share location you simply invite your friends or family members to join your friends list. Once accepted you will have access to each other's location.

You can change your privacy settings at any time. For example, you can set your location to be invisible to all or selected individuals.

You can stop the service any time by sending an SMS. To find out more try our Frequently Asked Questions.

Get automated SMS messages ("Location Alerts") telling you where people are at a set time, assuming their phone is on and in a coverage area and their location preference is switched on.

Under the correct conditions an AGPS mobile can be located to within 50m. A person without an AGPS mobile phone can still be located, but accuracy will vary from a few hundred metres in cities to a few km in rural areas outside towns. This is often sufficient to indicate if a phone is located at home, work, school, etc.

We all misplace our phone once in a while. Now if you misplace your phone, Whereis Everyone can help you find it.

Use 'locate' to see the approximate location of your mobile on a map. Of course your phone needs to be turned on and within coverage for it to work. And accuracy depends on your network area.